11 November, 2014


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My name is Meg.  I am a Chef, Registered Dietitian, Master Chocolatier, Mom, Editor and Chief Writer of this blog and a person just like yourself who wants to be healthy and happy and enjoy life without the emotional consequences that come along with undesired weight gain.  Follow my exciting blog posts as I create scrumptious, low cost, easy-to-make and healthy recipes combined with simple dieting strategies that will help you achieve permanent weight loss, never diet again and feel great about yourself!

Meg&Hillary Duff2

Hilary Duff & Me on the set of Disney’s “Lizzie McGuire”.

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME:  For many years I worked as an actress, model and celebrity impersonator having the constant pressure of having to be thin and looking great in front of the camera.  Struggling with “Yo Yo” dieting was a daily routine for me and although I may have looked happy, I wasn’t.  It was difficult and I was miserable.  It wasn’t until I became a Registered Dietitian and Behavioral Therapist that I mastered the balance of eating great tasting healthy food with simple lifestyle changes to achieve a happy and healthy mind and body, free from the emotional guilt about food.  I still enjoy cookies and donuts and you will too with my healthy recipes.


Leslie Nielsen & Me on the set of “2001: A Space Travesty”

I grew up in a very large household of 17 people, 15 children plus my Mom and Dad.  Wasting food was not an option, as we were expected to clean our plates at every meal.  So yes…there were a few early eating habits that I had to modify later.  Although my mother was a great cook, the meals we ate weren’t always well balanced, and it all depended on what was seasonal and affordable.

Family picture. I am in the lower right corner, I have my eyes closed, oops…


My life in the culinary world developed early on as my mother’s kitchen assistant.  When I left home, I continued my education in food, studying at San Diego State University where I graduated with Cum Laude honors with a Bachelor’s of Science in “Foods & Nutrition”, completing my Dietetic internship at U.C.S.D. Medical Center in San Diego, California.

Over the years, I traveled and lived in Japan, England and Italy where I studied different cuisines.   I focused on pastries and desserts in France where I became a Master Chocolatier through the Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts and L’Ecole Du Grand Chocolat Valrhona in Tain-l’Hermitage, France.

Chef Meg

Here I am at L’Ecole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona, Tain-I’Hermitage, France. My hair was darker then.

I studied as a behavioral therapist at the Florida Institute of Technology and have worked for over 8 years with behavioral modification programs. I have several years of experience working with occupational therapists on sensory related behaviors affecting diet.  The kinds of food characteristics that can affect some people negatively include sight, smell, texture, mouth-feel and aftertaste.  Modifying these kinds of characteristics in foods can open up an entire new range of diet options for some people.

I have over 25 years of experience in the food industry developing recipes and menus for restaurants and caterers eventually leading me to creating my own successful artisan chocolate company in San Diego named “Saint Jacques Chocolat”.

I have been featured in “San Diego Magazine”, the “La Jolla Patch”, the “Espresso” magazine, the wonderful blog, “Recipe Renovator” by Stephanie Weaver and in a series of Wellness Webinars called “Healthy Cooking with Chef Meg”, hosted by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) San Diego.

I encourage you to follow my blog and journey through some delicious foods and diet strategies to achieve lifelong weight loss and happiness!

Pleasure to meet you,

Meg 🙂

Chef Meg

Chef Meg on the set of “Healthy Cooking With Chef Meg”, NAMI San Diego.


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